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Squadrons and Detachments after the war.



934th/5TH COMM GROUP PLAQUE Dayton, Ohio USAF MUSEUM 2005.
5th Comm Group Plaque. USAF ACADEMY 1999
50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee award.
Reunion at Kansas City, Missouri Page-1, October 2008
Reunion at Kansas City, Missouri -Page-2, October 2008

1st Radio Squadron.
1st Radio Squadron Page 2. (Felice)
1st Radio Squadron Page 3.(Marchak)
1st Radio Squadron Page 4.(Mullen)
934th Sig Bat.
2nd Radio Relay Squadron.
2nd Radio Relay Sqdn Cont'd Page 2.
2nd Radio Relay Sqdn Cont'd Page 3
7th Communication Squadron.
1st Telephone & Carrier Squadron.
2nd Communication Squadron.
5th Comm Squadron.


The 5th Comm Group Association Inc. is a Korean War Veterans Organization made up of members of the 934th Sig Bat/5th Comm Group, 5th AF, FEAF that served during the Korean War from 1950 to 1954.


The Squadrons that made up the 5th Communications Group were the:
934th Signal Battalion, Separate (TAC)
1st Telephone & Carrier Squadron (1st T&C)
1st Radio Squadron
2nd Communications Squadron
2nd Radio Relay Squadron.
5th Comm Squadron
7th Communications Squadron

There is a nationwide search being made to locate former members of this group. We have names of over 5000 former members of the 5th Comm Group (Korea)and since the organization was founded in 1989, we have located over 1700 people, of which 656 members are still living.

...A reunion is held each year at a location selected during the previous year's reunion.

- The 5th Comm Group Association Inc. REUNION for 2010 (the 22st reunion) will be held at the Holiday Inn, Chatanooga Choo-Choo, Chatanooga, TN., Email address. Breakfast provided with rooms, Our daily room rate is $99.00 + Tax. Complimentary airport shuttle service from the International Airport .
Start making plans to be there. Details will be published as soon as received and will be published in the '5th COMET' NL.

Payment of Dues may be sent to the Tresurer; Don Zechman, PO Box 172, Middleburg, PA. 17842-0172. Annual dues $10.00 and 'Life' membership $100.00. Remember - there are never any backdues collected - One year's annual dues payment brings you up to date


Watch this space for Reunion Registration Forms andInformation. (Reunion 2010 Information)

(Reunion 2010 Registration Form)


If you are a former member and served in Korea between 1950-1954 and have not been "FOUND" as of yet, please contact me; Lester J. Wilsey, P.O. BOX 76, Wellington, AL 36279. or e-mail Lester Wilsey. Or you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Official Organizational Patch for the 5th Communications Group, 5th Air Force. Authorized by the Department of the Air Force, Washington D.C. 8 October 1952

History-- 934th Signal Battalion/5th Comm. Group.


The 5th Communication Group was Established on 29 Oct. 1951 and Activated on 25 Nov. 1951.
Redesignated: 5th Communications and Control Gp. 15 Apr. 1959; 5th Tactical Control Group on 1 Oct. 1961. Put on Inactive Status 31 Dec. 1971. Redesignated 5th Tactical Air Control Group on 18 Dec. 1979. Activated on 8 Jan. 1980. Redesignated 5th Tactical Control Group on 1 Oct. 1990. Became 5th Air Combat Group on 7 Feb. 1992. Inactivated on 1 July 1993.


ATTN: ALL MEMBERS: If you have NAMES, ADDRESSES, OLD ORDERS or any INFORMATION about our MEMBERS that have not been 'FOUND' that would help us locate them, PLEASE contact us.

If you are a former member of the 934th Sig Bat or 5th Comm group during period 1950 - 54, and have not been "Found" or are not currently receiving our "COMET" newsletter, please fill out the following form. We want to hear from you. Thanks

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